Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Fifth Tenet of the Palin Doctrine

Act before you have time to think.

If we’ve learned anything during the past eight years, it’s that important decisions can go horribly wrong when they’re made after too much thoughtful deliberation. Iraq. Katrina. The deregulation of the financial industry. Clearly the products of too much careful consideration.

This is why the Palin Doctrine is such a breath of fresh air. Sarah Palin makes important decisions without blinking. There is no time wasted thinking things over, weighing the options. When you’re committed to the mission, you can’t blink, you just need to act on instinct.

Fortunately for us, Sarah Palin has excellent instincts.
Either that or an ophthalmologic condition.


Anonymous said...

You just made me laugh out loud. Thanks. I needed that, stuck at my desk past 6pm on a Friday....

The Palin Doctrine said...

Thanks for the feedback. Glad I could help.