Friday, September 19, 2008

The Second Tenet of the Palin Doctrine

Reality is Deniable.

In the past, a politician caught in a lie would have suffered damage. There would have been shame and ridicule and public apologies. Or at least some sort of admission of the truth. But all that has been changed by the Palin Doctrine.

Sarah Palin has been caught in more lies than we can count.

That Bridge to Nowhere which she opposed? She actually fought for it.

The earmark money she fought against? She got more earmark dollars per capita than any other governor in the country.

The special needs kids for whom she is a dedicated advocate?
She slashed their funding by 62%.

Yes, these are all proven facts. (No footnotes on this blog, but you can google the proof for yourself.)

We could go on and on about the natural gas pipeline she built (it hasn’t been built yet, and Congress started the process years before she entered office), the plane she sold on eBay, and just about every other statement she’s made since being named John McCain’s running mate. But it wouldn’t matter.

Because under the Palin Doctrine, there’s no shame in being caught in a lie – so long as you just continue to lie.

The truth is only a problem if you acknowledge it.

Your hair could be on fire, and everyone could tell you that your hair is on fire, but if you continue to deny this reality, you won’t be burned.

Powerful stuff.

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Binky said...

You people and your reality! Reality is so sexist.