Friday, October 17, 2008

Corollary to the First Tenet of the Palin Doctrine

Deep, meaningful relationships can be created out of brief, unimportant encounters.

Barack Obama once served on the board of a nonprofit foundation with Bill Ayres. The two men also live in the same Chicago neighborhood. Clearly they are best friends for life.

In the past, people who confused a casual acquaintanceship for a serious relationship would be diagnosed with a form of erotomanic delusion. Think Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. But thanks to the Palin Doctrine, these thought processes are no longer relegated to criminally insane stalkers.

Now we can all have much richer lives.

For example, I once passed Pamela Anderson on the sidewalk. She smiled, said hello, and continued on her way. It really isn’t much of a story. Or at least it wasn’t until I learned about this tenet of the Palin Doctrine. Now I know that I really had a passionate relationship with Ms. Anderson.

My friends sure will be jealous.

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